Saturday, September 15, 2012

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Roxanna or Roxii as she is know by her friends is a wild child. She is absolutely crazy and will say anything at any time, but she would never hurt another person in the process. She is in total control of her life and lives it how she wants to live it. Her clothes reflect who she is and what she wants to wear. She changes her hair cut and color to match her mood. She loves rock music and has numerous piercings. When questioned on why she looks the way she does, she simply says "why not?" Roxxi does not want to conform to the norm, she wants to express herself and be who she wants to be. No one will ever hold her back when she reaches for the stars she achieves them! One look at Roxxi and you may think she is a trouble maker or that she is into drugs and drinking, but she is as straight as they come, even holding the position of valedictorian of her graduating class!
Dare to be me shop is all about expressing yourself and your inner "me" who is your inner you? Not sure yet? well keep looking around I am sure you will find her!! Maybe you are a combination of different "mes" on different days - that is ok too!! you are allowed to be you and it is okay to be every "me" you want to be!!

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