Saturday, January 27, 2007


i finally got the earth day designs finished on my EP Designs and is tarted working on a new series of designs for that shop - they are really slow going though because they are quiet extensive and intricate - i will definatly post when i start to load them onto the store - for now i am not mentioning what they are - don't want ya'll biting off my ideas hahahaha - ok so my friend bella just opened her shop like 2 weeks ago and she has 2 sales already which is really kul (because i referred her so i get 5% of the sales for the first year so i really want her to do well) - so stop by and check out her shop Dream Up - make sure you also check out my other shop Shopaholic Chick - also stop by Dirty Jerzey and check out all the hot graffiti style designs - if your into dogs Blonde Designs just hadded like 300 new doggie designs check them out some are really cute - even if your not a dog lover you cant help but think these are adorable - ok i better get back to working - catch ya later!!

Thursday, January 25, 2007


ok so tonight is my executive chat - so hopefully they will let us know when and how they are rolling out all the new merchandise they promised us 2 weeks ago - we will see - if ic an get out of class fast enuf and get home in time for the meeting

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


ok so if you have visited my shops recently you will see that i have made some changes - i added a ton of new valentines & st pattys day designs on shopaholic chick - i also made some big changes on election place i have renamed the shop and added a brand new logo reading EP Designs - i am still sticking with the same political theme - i am expanding it a bit more to include political causes and holidays - i just added a huge section of earth day designs - and i am still adding a few more i have gotten almost all of them up - stop by and check it out

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