Friday, June 20, 2008

News Flash!

Shopaholic Chick has recently expanded into a multitude of nich shops. Although the main shop is still available please check out also my new specialty shops!

Shopaholic Chick As always an acclectic collection of great designs for the whole family

Celebrate Today All of my holiday designs have been moved to this new holiday shop - in addiation hundreds of new deisgns and holidays have been added!

EP Designs formerly election place this shop still offers election designs however follow the presidential election this year it will be transformed into an activist web site featuring designs on the hottest political causes!

Live Off Grid this green shop is designed for those of you who love the planet and want to so what you can to get the word out about going green!

Liberal Hippie Tree Hugger If you love trees and you want to tell everyone how much they need to take care of the planet check this great shop for liberal hippie tree hugger designs!

Jewcy Designs if you are Jewish and proud of it - then you will find great designs here for adults and kids in cute funny phrases!

Sporty Girls if you are a girl who loves to play sports then you will love this great shop - featuring sports girls may not traditionally play - but love anyways!

Love~Hearts hundreds and soon to be thousands of names featuing the logo I Love (heart) ________ more names being added daily!

I Speak Geek if you are a conputer geek then you will love these great I Speak Geek designs - perfect for the techie-geek in your life!

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