Monday, June 30, 2008

so yesterday

i got nothing new added to my shops - well no new designs - i did add some new products into one section that i noticed has been getting sales that can use some beefing up - and i realized it was mixxing some important products - i also created a few dozen new images to beef up one section that i am hoping will do very well - and placed some ads on google adwords for this section - once the section is set up i will post a link to show you what i mean!! stay tuned

Sunday, June 29, 2008

this morning already

so far today i went through and added the "my friends" link on a few stores i did not realize were missing it, and then i went into my website and added a new friend and removed a friend who cannot seem to keep his banner running, i have warned him a few times before but he never seemed to fix it, and it has been about 6 months, so oh well i can't keep him if he cant keep his own site running! i need to get some more done on adding those designs i made yesterday but right now there are some issues with uploading new images to cafepress so i will wait, most likley the servers are just overloaded, it happens on weekends sometimes. maybe i should go to the beach for a while??


i feel like i accomplished nothing today. I did prep about 40 new designs for one of my shops, but i did not get them loaded. I did get more stuff loaded into google base, i have gone back to unsing instant cafe reather then cafetoolbox since it seems to be working better for me right now. ever since the new cpextract change cafetoolbox has stopped working. i have reported it a few times but nothing seems to have changed oh well. i also worked on some meta tags for my shops. oh well guess ill do more tommorrow

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