Thursday, March 10, 2011

2 days off - without choice

So zazzle is beginning their transition to move shops into single email log in - and i have been notified that for the next 48 hours they will be working in my shops - so i guess i am stuck with nothing to do....except make more designs...i guess i should get motivated and do that huh?? maybe ill clean and reorganize my room instead....i just cant seem to get motivated today....maybe it is the is nasty and wet out today

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Because you just weren't meant greeting cards from

this great left opening card is perfect for a lefty in your life

I love-heart tangerines t shirt from

I love-heart tangerines shirt
I love-heart tangerines by Edibility
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fun tshirt with i love tangerines is great for someone who has a tangerine farm!

Roses Kissing Greeting Card from

these pretty pink kissing roses are just beautiful. a perfect card to say i love you.

Three Chicks Business Card from

these three chicken are so cute and fun.

arizona t shirts from

this great lets go green arizon design is also available in every US state, as well as all the Canadian providence...and america or united states....lots of lets go green!!!

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