Friday, April 15, 2011

Great stuff from shopaholicchick!!!

i am addicted to grapes!! i cannot get enough so i use this bag every time i go tot he store to make sure my grapes get home in an eco friendly way and i wont smash the bag!!!

use these great baseball card postcards to invite people to your games! you can even use customize and print your team schedule on the back!!!

adorable clown with a big box - how silly and fun!!!

use this bag to be eco friendly next time you hit the store for all your potion (or cooking) needs!!!

on the count of three....1....2.....3....draw!!!

pretty purple flying bug from kooblees

cute purple dragon on a tote bag for you!!!

change the date free of charge!!

what if your coworker or boss liked to rock out in his office or funny would that be!!! i bet it would be great on security camera for America's funniest work videos!!!

great anime computer geek on a travel coffee mug...not that your going anywhere if your an anime computer geek!!!

dress up your postage with this bright colorful design!!!

what can i say but pink hair is hot!!!

Jeg elsker deg - Norwegian - I love you
Yellow Kisses
If you are in love then this unique design is a great way to tell someone special. Saying I love you in someone's native tongue has never been easier when you check out this great shop. Dozens of products and a variety of fonts and background in different styles and colors will make this the best gift you could ever give your love

Patchwork Elephant
Every little kid loves to have a plush stuffed toy to keep him or her company especially at night. who is your child's favorite stuffed animal? who was yours? celebrate stuffed animals everywhere with this great gift.

I'm not a doctor but i can rescue your computer - with black computer showing star of life on the screen - perfect for a computer repair business logo

great gay marriage magnets perfect as party favors - or ass the date and names for save the date magnets!

hydroponics is growing with water only so you can grow anywhere even on a rooftop in the inner city!!!!

graduation is coming soon - so get your favorite science teacher a new apron to keep their clothes clean from occupation station - there are 2 boys and 2 girls with different skin tones to match your teacher!!!

rock on with these cute but hardcore punk goth kiki kitty shoes i love them!!!

it will be corn season soon - so order your bag now to take to the farmers market to buy your ears today!

so peaceful and serene ripples in the sand

if you miss the sound of a rooster waking you up - place him on your coffee cup!!!

Stick & puck personalized letterhead from

great hockey stationary/letterhead!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Light green Cap & Diploma Personalized Invitation from

graduate in style with these great invitations to your graduation or graduation party!

Safe at the plate mousepad from

check out this green baseball slide logo - perfect for your team coach or player

Monday, April 11, 2011

Graduation Cap & Diploma Custom Invitations from

Graduation Cap & Diploma
on fading green diamond
If you are about to graduate then show everyone with this great graduation gift. If you know or love someone who will soon be graduating then send them one of these great presents. getting a diploma is a big deal and it should be celebrated whether it is high school, college, university, technical school, middle school, trade school, or graduate school, it is all a huge accomplishment!


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