Saturday, August 19, 2006

no sales

ok so i was having a great month - everything was selling great i was on my way to my best month ever - then suddenly on the 15th everything dropped off - i think it was in part to cafepress redesigning their page - some people are picking back up slowly - but i have not gotten anything - it is like i am dead suddenly not a thing - this sucks - i was having such a great month - shopaholic chick was headed for a $300 month - now i am stuck at $175 and staying there - i have been trying to upload more designs but i just cant seem to get motivated - i need to make another sale to motivate myself to start working on it again

i think i will also merge election place over into shopaholicchick - it is not making enuf to be self supportive - so i dont wanna pay 2 premium shops if i cant make the money on it - i was hoping the election portal would hlpe but they put the link below the fold - and it is not getting hits like it should - oh well i guess you learn from your mistakes...

i will keep working i put new i love designs up i love animals and such - i have some more to do foods and hobbies and all - but i dunno when i will get motivated to finish them...for now i just want to figure out why i died suddenly...

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

2 free weeks

yayayaya no classes for the next 2 weeks - so time to work on my shop -

my shop has slowed down a bit so i want to work on ads & get some more designs up there - i am still stuck for ideas though:(

Sunday, August 13, 2006

new designs

I just loaded some new Officer Sugar tits designs - mel gibson thank you LMAO

I hate drunk drivers - so i hope he gets the book thrown at him - i dont care how much money he has - or who loves him or hates him - he drove drunk he deserves fines - jail time - and loss of liscense - he can kill someone just as easy as any other drunk

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