Saturday, March 03, 2007


ok so i just found out if i want to go to a study abroad program in the fall (my dream) i need to make a lot more them i am now - so i am trying to get my new designs up - my new vote for section is almost ready to go on election place - and i just added some new st pattys day stuff to my shopaholic chick store - i also recently purchased the domain name - in addition i decided to revamp my whole shop with a new color scheme and some great new affiliate banners - if your interested in making some pony just by placing my banners on your site check them out

i just am not sure where else to go from here i am really trying to get this shop to take off but at the same time i have so much school works - stress is really a killer - if anyone know some great ways to get
my shop out there let me know!!!

Sunday, February 25, 2007


sales are starting to slow down....i wanted them to stay up all theway to saint patty's day...looks like theya re starting to die off already....anyone with any idead on how to bring them back please let me know....i really need to make some more money if i want to go to germany this fall...

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