Saturday, August 13, 2011

bowling girl

Ladies pink girl Bowling let's go bowling with these great bowler designs.

Jumbo Tote Who said you can’t take it with you? You can take just about everything with you in this Jumbo Tote. It holds groceries, books, kids’ toys, beach stuff, you name it. Made from 100% cotton, it has a squared off bottom and extra long natural web handles. 20"w x14.5"h x4.5"d. Read more... shopaholicchick's unique bowl custom tote bag is just a tiny fraction of the uncountable number of items created by an artist on Zazzle. Being shown in this Seller's Bowling store section, this fashionable bag, which is properly labeled the “bowling bag”, is a really fabulous sampling of the bowling items in the Zazzle community marketplace. This tote has very sturdy straps and the perfect amount of space inside to fit your belongings. If you liked viewing this personalized bag, check out similar merchandise if you search for the tags, bowling pin, bowl, or league or go to the creator's Zazzle store. With the perfect size and look, Zazzle's bowling pin customizable bags are terrific for all ladies. As seen above, this Zazzle designer's bowl customizable tote bag will be made using the most cutting-edge technology that is well-known for the brilliant images that it is able to produce. One of our many examples of personalized tote styles, this kind of bag will look great with any design that you want. With these traits, this product is a stunning example of the amazingly awesome bowler goods.

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yum berries

 <div style="text-align:center;line-height:150%">Blackberries shirt<br />Blackberries by Edibility<br />See more Food T-Shirts</div>


If you love to eat then you will love this great foodie design. show everyone what you favorite food is with this delicious creation.
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Friday, August 12, 2011

its easy going green

It's Easy Going Green Bicycle 2

Save the planet. It is easy going green no matter where you live there is something you can do to help save the planet. Mother nature will thank you.
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Thursday, August 11, 2011


lt purple spot This great polka dot & spot board is patterned in a random display of spots and dots.

7 3/4" Whether you’re doing grinds on the half-pipe or kickflips in the street, this competition shaped board has supreme pop! Our decks are made of the best quality hard-rock maple and with our one-of-a-kind printing process; you get the best skateboard available in the world. Read more...

lt purple spot skateboard
lt purple spot by shopaholicchick
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This creative personalized skateboard design posted by a very skilled Zazzle artist named shopaholicchick is tagged bright, spots, dot, and dots. Zazzle's personalized skateboards are delightful presents for all of your family and friends. Find this Seller's terrific dot custom skateboard in Zazzle's Skateboards section and not to mention lots of other wonderful choices designed by an artist online in the online marketplace at Zazzle. Printable in a countless number of colors, Zazzle's customizable dot skate boards has a stunning North American maple deck that will withstand even the tough tricks. Durable and unique, this particular Skateboards personalized skateboard will be accurately manufactured with this seller's bright illustration using an advanced production process that'll render the bright artwork at the most supreme level of quality. As a result, this designer's special spots and dot illustration will turn your custom skate board into an original piece of art.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Arabian Art - Shopaholic Chick

Camels beyond the city This great design has been inspired but the tale of Aladdin and Arabian Knights....They are fun and colorful Arabian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean Inspired images.


Basic Dark T-Shirt Comfortable, casual and loose fitting, our heavyweight dark color t-shirt will quickly become one of your favorites. Made from 6.0 oz, pre-shrunk 100% cotton, it wears well on anyone. We’ve double-needle stitched the bottom and sleeve hems for extra durability. Imported.

This is a really wonderful tshirt idea that was designed by a highly talented designer named Arabian_Art and as you can see is being worn by the Zazzle arab tee shirt model Rothelle. The artist picked this regular guys' zazzle dark tshirt which truly is a magnificent style for this impressive idea titled camels beyond the city shirt for plenty of reasons. It's one of the most used black men's t-shirt skus that you'll find offered on Zazzle which makes it a terrific new item for most wardrobes. Keep on reading to see other info about this tee shirt sku, view other personalizable products on Arabian_Art's mediterranean store category page or shop through Zazzle's many other tshirts in the "arabian tee shirts", "arab shirts", "mediterranean t-shirts", or "middle eastern' art t shirts" areas of the site. Zazzle's men's basic zazzle dark tee shirt is deeply appreciated by site visitors because of its durability and its reasonable price. This selected arab dark shirt is meant to be very highly affordable for a large majority of our shoppers. The basic cut of this middle eastern' art tee shirt will provide a very agreeable look for any girl or guy who's wearing it. When all is said and done, this camels beyond the city design by Arabian_Art will look absolutely out of sight on whatever dark t-shirt look you decide. See this on sweatshirts, sustainable shirts, and more!

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Lefty Card

Today is a special someone's birthday - and they happen to be a lefty!!! so after years of them telling me how lefties are better i decided to get them this great birthday card!! Yes i know it looks upside down on the screen - that's because it is a backwards card - it will open from the left!!!

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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Vote - Funky Flag Style

Vote - Funky Flag Style

Infant Long Sleeve Wrap your little one in luxury with this long-sleeve tee from Bella. Your baby will look and feel wonderful, no matter how you customize this adorable shirt. It’s made from super-soft, 5.8 oz., pre-shrunk 100% cotton with a 1 x 1 baby rib knit. Envelope neck for easy on/off. Imported. Read more... This white long-sleeved baby t-shirt is just one example of the tens of thousands of great vote products created online at Zazzle. Displayed in usalovestovote's Vote - Funky Flag Style store category, this long-sleeved basic infant tshirt which is appropriately called vote - funky flag style shirt is a marvelous sample of the vote - funky flag style things in the marketplace. This specific vote t shirt has a classic fit and wears very comfortably. If you really get a kick out of this t-shirt, look for some other items by running searches for "vote tee shirt", "vote tshirt", or "vote t-shirt" – or visit usalovestovote's online shop. This particular long-sleeved tshirt illustration is shown being worn here by Zazzle's vote tee shirt model named Lindsey. This cozy basic long sleeve babies' t shirt will look just as brilliant on your youngster as it does on Lindsey. Zazzle designer usalovestovote chose our babies' basic long sleeve zazzle tshirt for this vote design, which we think was a great decision. Created from 100 percent cotton, this long-sleeved Vote - Funky Flag Style shirt will be printed using a proprietary technology that creates images that last a long time in limitless colors. Just one example of our many infant clothing choices, this babies' standard long sleeve zazzle tee shirt has an excellent fit that dads and moms will love! See this on sweatshirts, sustainable shirts, and more!

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Monday, August 08, 2011

Do you own your images?

If you are working with any POD or online site you need to keep in mind, that just because you found it online does NOT mean it is free and legal to use!!

There are 2 parts of every image which must BOTH belong to you, or you must have the rights to.

1st the image itself the physical photograph or drawing you must own the rights to reproduce for resale. simply buying a van gogh does not give you the rights to reproduce or resell the image, you must purchase or receive the rights to those also.

2nd you must have the rights to the subject of the image, that is who or what is in the image or in the background of the image, even the logo on the clothing of the person in the image falls into this category.

When you are using an image in whole or as part of a product for sale, even if you took the photograph or drew the picture you need to make sure the subject of your image also belongs to you.

This means if you are not the celebrity or you own the company in the image you cannot use their image in whole or in part.

This means even if you draw it yourself or take the photograph yourself you cannot use the image in a for sale capacity.

So you can take a photo of you are your friends in front of let's just say McDonalds, it is legal to take the photo and have the photo and give away the photo to your friends or share it online. However you cannot place that image on a Tshirt to sell to others on a POD or website, or even to purchase it yourself through a print on demand printer.

Now you may ask why you cannot just purchase it for yourself, well the key is in that question, you are still purchasing it, and it is illegal for that printer to sell you the image with McDonalds in it, the same is it would be illegal for you to sell the image to others.

This applies to sports figures, movie stars, anyone who is famous for any reason with one exception. Politicians are public figures and therefore by law they are legal to use - with conditions.

You may use the image of a public figure ONLY if you own the image, which means you cannot simply go take any image of them from any site, because the original photographer still owns the rights to the picture itself, even thought the subject of the picture is legal to use. this goes back to the rules above where both parts of the image must be legal.

Many people mistakenly believe that if the image is online then it free to use, as you know by the rules above this is not true. The act of placing an image online does NOT transfer the rights to reproduce for resale.

Additionally there are many sites in which people mistakenly or intentionally claim to be transferring the legal rights of images, most commonly this is done by placing the words "public domain" on an image. Many sites such as Wikimedia, allow people to post images to their site as public domain. While the members are required to certify that the image is factually public domain, many people still place images on this site claiming they own the rights or that it is public domain incorrectly, because they do not understand the above rules. They mistakenly believe that because they saw it somewhere once that it is public, this is not true.

This article does not intend to explain all the laws, and should not be taken as legal advice, it is simply a basic introduction to some of the do's and don'ts to selecting images for use on products for sale at PODs.

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Basic Long Sleeve Raglan We’ve given the classic baseball jersey a modern and sophisticated take. It now has long sleeves! Made from pre-shrunk 5.0 oz, 100% combed ring-spun cotton, super-soft baby jersey knit. The shirt has a loose fit and features contrasting colored ribbed cuffs, sleeves and neck trim. Imported. Read more...

Oliver Owl shirt
Oliver Owl by BisforBirds
Browse Zazzle for another

Oliver Owl Oliver Owl is a wise old bird. Owls are birds of prey who hunt at night and sleep during the day. known for their distinctive hoot they are beautiful and graceful animals. Here is a fabulous tshirt illustration that was brought to you by the gifted designer "BisforBirds" and is being worn by Zazzle's birds tee shirt model named "Johndg". The artist picked our guys' standard long sleeved baseball tee shirt which is a truly fantastic pick for this creative design named "oliver owl shirt" for a whole slew of reasons. It is one of the more fashionable guys' clothing options that you'll find offered here on Zazzle which makes it a truly fantastic new piece in many wardrobes. Keep on reading to discover more information about this t-shirt sku, browse other personalizable products on BisforBirds's Oliver Owl store page or shop through Zazzle's many other t shirts featured in the "pet t-shirt", "bird t-shirt", or "animal t-shirt" areas of the site. Created with 100 percent cotton and ready for ordering in a ton of sizes, the regular guys' zazzle long sleeved baseball tee shirt is a traditional raglan t shirt for men. This fun, athletic t-shirt option has been given durable double-needle stitching and is for sale in whiteblack along with several additional colors that will go incredibly well with the highly skilled designer BisforBirds's animal t shirt. Just one example of the tens of thousands of cool old-school ideas for sale on Zazzle, this oliver owl shirt will be made with a high-tech technique that renders images that last a long time that are exceptional in quality. In all, this Oliver Owl item's outstanding cleverness makes it a necessary owls tee for any season. See this on sweatshirts, sustainable shirts, and more!
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