Friday, September 01, 2006

Design of the Day

check out this other great blog i started

Design of the Day

new look

ok so i decided to add some little tiles on the right side bar of this blog showcasing sound of my favorite designs - i have 10 of them up there now - i may try to get some more up later - and i will change them out from time to time - but i thought it might be a greatplace to feature some designs

also i decided to offer a selection of my designs as a lower price- with my logo on the back - so if you are looking for a designs - and want to save a few bucks - take a look - if you dont mind the shirt having a back logo then you can save some big bucks on there!!

Uggghhhhh we are about to be hit with aa hurricane there are some nasty sounding winds out there - i can feel it coming thru my air condition - this sucks im glady i kept my winter blankets out and did not put them in the attic like everyone else in the house - it is cold in here!!!


Sunday, August 27, 2006

SAVE PLUTO!!!! lol looks like everyone is jumping on the luto band wagon & so am i LOL PLUTO DESIGNS

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