Thursday, July 24, 2008

not feeling well

I managed to add about 5 designs today - since i was not feeling well today

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New Shop

So today on top of trying to calm to fears of panicing shopkeepers i decided to launch a new shop. I launched a new shop - it has about a dozen designs so far and I am hoping to have another dozen added tommorrow. It is time for me to throw myself back into my work and make some major changes to bring in the big bucks, i have been slacking off the last few weeks and i cant afford to keep doing that.

Shake Up Today

So today cafepress announced that the Volume Bonus & Affilaite programs will be undergoing a change.

Personally I have always seen the volume bonus as just that, a BONUS. So not a big deal for me, but some shopkeepers consider it part of their regular income. So they are not so Happy. Some shopkeepers have even begun closing shops, which personally I think is a very rash decision to make. Everyone needs to first wait it out and see how it works. Yes bonuses may go down - but comissions will be going up with the changes in the affilaite program. And with the new lower threshold for base bonuses - there is a chance bonuses will not really be as adversely affected as people are thinking.

All we can do right now is wait it out and see where it goes - and remember a Bonus - is a Bonus - and should not be taken as anything more!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Got a book

Ok so today i bought a new book, dreamweaver for dummies, i have not gotten to read it but i think i will sit down and start on it later tonight or tommorrow. I am kind of tired this evening from running around doing errands today in this horrible heat and humidity.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Ok so today i decided to make some expansion moves and registered a whole bunch of websites and got dreamweaver to work on building i just need to lear how to use dreamweaver so i can build these pages...

i also found out that there are still some issues on my other page which was built in yahoo page builder...i thought i was the only one having problems, but apparently it is not just me because someone else reported the same issue :(

Thursday, July 10, 2008

no motivation

Ok so today I just have no motivation, i did prepape some new art work for my store but i just can't seem to get into working right now...everytime i get started the phone rings or someone comes to the door - i think imma just give up for now

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


I managed to get about 40 designs loaded into my shop today yayayaya!! I am so encouraged I hope i can keep getting motivated like this!

Monday, July 07, 2008

ok so...

ok so i haven't done much in the last week. i have been catching up on some long deserved sleep and getting some house work done. i did add about 15 new designs last week, but that is not nearly enough. i really need to get motivated and just spend a whole day adding stuff and get this stuff all loaded. i do need to make some more designs too, i have loaded just about everything i have had lieing around for a few months (or years)...back to work i guess

Monday, June 30, 2008

so yesterday

i got nothing new added to my shops - well no new designs - i did add some new products into one section that i noticed has been getting sales that can use some beefing up - and i realized it was mixxing some important products - i also created a few dozen new images to beef up one section that i am hoping will do very well - and placed some ads on google adwords for this section - once the section is set up i will post a link to show you what i mean!! stay tuned

Sunday, June 29, 2008

this morning already

so far today i went through and added the "my friends" link on a few stores i did not realize were missing it, and then i went into my website and added a new friend and removed a friend who cannot seem to keep his banner running, i have warned him a few times before but he never seemed to fix it, and it has been about 6 months, so oh well i can't keep him if he cant keep his own site running! i need to get some more done on adding those designs i made yesterday but right now there are some issues with uploading new images to cafepress so i will wait, most likley the servers are just overloaded, it happens on weekends sometimes. maybe i should go to the beach for a while??


i feel like i accomplished nothing today. I did prep about 40 new designs for one of my shops, but i did not get them loaded. I did get more stuff loaded into google base, i have gone back to unsing instant cafe reather then cafetoolbox since it seems to be working better for me right now. ever since the new cpextract change cafetoolbox has stopped working. i have reported it a few times but nothing seems to have changed oh well. i also worked on some meta tags for my shops. oh well guess ill do more tommorrow

Friday, June 27, 2008

it's been a while

Ok so i know it i has been a while since i posted regularly on here - but i have been really busy....i was travelling abroad going to school full time and opening a whole slew of shops. my newest shops are - a shop for girls who love to play sports & which is a spurr off of another shop. sporty girls was just an idea i had when i got a special request email from a parent about one of my designs...and realized the of my sports designs my pink ones seem to sell well - so i decided to run with it!!! who i love is more i love ____ designs....i have letters A - C loaded already and i am working on letters one at a time i hope ot have them all up by the end of the year. Currently my goal is to get 250 designs a week loaded all summer - so i will try to keep you up to date on the numbers....i have about 125 this week but it is friday already so i better get back to working. I am going to try to stop in every day and post the number of designs i got uploaded for the day so i can track myself a little better!!!

PS my friend just opened a new shop

Friday, June 20, 2008

News Flash!

Shopaholic Chick has recently expanded into a multitude of nich shops. Although the main shop is still available please check out also my new specialty shops!

Shopaholic Chick As always an acclectic collection of great designs for the whole family

Celebrate Today All of my holiday designs have been moved to this new holiday shop - in addiation hundreds of new deisgns and holidays have been added!

EP Designs formerly election place this shop still offers election designs however follow the presidential election this year it will be transformed into an activist web site featuring designs on the hottest political causes!

Live Off Grid this green shop is designed for those of you who love the planet and want to so what you can to get the word out about going green!

Liberal Hippie Tree Hugger If you love trees and you want to tell everyone how much they need to take care of the planet check this great shop for liberal hippie tree hugger designs!

Jewcy Designs if you are Jewish and proud of it - then you will find great designs here for adults and kids in cute funny phrases!

Sporty Girls if you are a girl who loves to play sports then you will love this great shop - featuring sports girls may not traditionally play - but love anyways!

Love~Hearts hundreds and soon to be thousands of names featuing the logo I Love (heart) ________ more names being added daily!

I Speak Geek if you are a conputer geek then you will love these great I Speak Geek designs - perfect for the techie-geek in your life!

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