Saturday, August 26, 2006

going ok

well my design of the day blog is doing ok - sales are slow - not sure why - i guess maybe all the kids are moving into thier dorsm this week that might have something to sdo with it -

i just added a dozen holiday designs i have a crapload more to do - and i am making some i love crapola to be uploaded - dunno when it will ever get dun - i have like 400 designs to upload - i feel like i will never get it dun

i have cleared $250 for this month - but i was hoping for $300 - maybe i can get it next month

Thursday, August 24, 2006

trying something new

ok so i decided to try something new - so i have gotten some other people to start up shops on cafepress - hopefully that will help i really hope thier shops take off - not just for the referral money i get either hehehehe -

i also decided to start another blog for a design of the day - to feature my shop & others favorite designs - the blog site is i hope it really takes off - i have about 10 shops signed up with designs ready to go - hopefully more will submit - if not i will search the marketplace for designs and put them up there - most shop owners don't mind when their designs get a feature spot anywhere - since it is all free advertising for thier shop!!

oh another thig i tried - i went to NYC last weekend for a few days to help out a friend and i left business cards in bathrooms - cabs - with tips in restraunts - i hope it pans out to some extra sales - i wish i lived there all the time - but then if i did i prolly would not have the money to eat out every meal or take cabs everywhere LOL - so for now i am back in south jersey - but i will leave business cards around here - not that i got them - if you want to get busniess cards check out vista print you can get 250 cards you just pay the shipping - it came to under $6 - and they look good!! i am leaving them everywhere i go - i hope it helps!! i could really use for my shop to take off!!

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