Wednesday, January 03, 2007

OMG best month ever

ok so december was my best month ever my sales were over $1600!!! that is so awesome - i mean it is not super considering it is my only income and it is going to drop to 1/3 of that now that the season is over - but wow - i hope i can get every month up like that!!!! i have been doing a lot i have been using froogle to get my stuff into google by using instant cafe - and i have been using squidoo a lot because it lets you place your items on there like ads with your lens/blog on there - i have about 15 of those - and i have been telling everyone and just in general trying to drum up busniess whereever i can get it - i need to do more but i am not really sure what i can do right now to get my shop name out there other then just tell everyone abot it and keep trying to get my link anywhere i can think to put it (like here shopaholicchick)...i mean it is just a matter of getting people there now that my shop is up and running - i do try to add new stuff every week i have added another couple hundred since school let out december 15th i do have more to get up there but my pc is runnign a bit slow this evening so i will just ahve to wait a while - ok so i should get back to do something usefulll - please stop by and grab yourself a nice shirt ot button or something - i need every penny i can get to pay for my research this semester!~!!

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