Thursday, May 17, 2012

Monique from

Monique loves dance squad! She has been taking dance since she was a little girl. She studied tap, jazz and ballet, but her real favorite is hip hop & stomp. She loves to help others who want to learn to dance too, even if they are not very good. Monique is always a positive roll model for others working hard in dance and in school. She also volunteers and helps teach the younger kids who are just starting out. She thinks dance should be a part of everyone's world, because it is great fun and great exercise! Dare to be me shop is all about expressing yourself and your inner "me" who is your inner you? Not sure yet? well keep looking around I am sure you will find her!! Maybe you are a combination of different "mes" on different days - that is ok too!! you are allowed to be you and it is okay to be every "me" you want to be!!

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