Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Fill your bag with free swag

Search & Win

One site I use every single day to get free stuff is swagbucks.

Swagbucks gives you dozens of great ways to earn swagbucks which work like points which you accrue to earn prizes and gift cards.

some of the great ways you can earn points are:
  1. installing an using the swagbucks tool bar
  2. using swagbucks as your search engine (with or without the toolbar)
  3. printing your coupons from their site...this is one of my favorite since i am going to print and use those coupons i can get 10 swagbucks after i redeem the does take about 8-12 weeks to get the points but they do come in eventually
  4. doing surveys from their trusted sites
  5. watching SBTV videos on your computer
  6. watching SBTV on your android device using SBTV mobile
  7. doing task - honestly i have tried these and never qualify but maybe you will have better luck than me
  8. getting freebie codes - just follow their blog, and twitter and there are free points given away several times per week - you can also check the swidget - which i have installed right at the upper right of this blog for easy access to codes!
  9. you can shop with daily deals - get savings and points
  10. take the daily poll every day for 1 point
  11. check out the NOSO (no obligation special offers) - even if you skip every one every day you get 2 points....but some are worth checking out too!
  12. play games on their site and you may win swagbucks too
  13. refer your friends - every time they win points using swagbucks search engine you get matching points (until you match 1000 max per person)
  14. shop at hundreds of online retailers - they have a whole page of retailers that when you click the link from thier site before shopping - you earn swagbucks for every dollar you spend!  if your going to shop anyways it is like getting an extra coupon back!!
Then once you have accrued points you can redeem them for great prizes, personally i stick to the gift certificates...since they do not offer a warranty on any of their physical products i would rather get amazon gift cards and purchase the items myself!

Just be sure to watch the point to value ratio when you are buying - some prizes are a better value than others...and gift cards do take about 2 weeks before you receive them in your swag don't expect to have them immediately.  My favorite is amazon - i stack up on the amazon cards every month getting my limit of 5 - $5 amazon cards - and every other month i have enough for a $50 amazon card on top of the others!!

And if you don't normally think to shop on amazon you should consider it....did you know that you can get daily everyday items such as toilet paper and paper towels...much cheaper than you can get them in stores, and they are delivered to your door free!!!  so if you can get more for a better price, and get them delivered free, and use giftcards you accrued free - that means that is $40 in household items for $25 in giftcards that you got for free anyways!!!  so that is basically $40 you can spend on other groceries or yourself!!!!

Just click the banner to sign up today!!!

Search & Win

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