Monday, February 27, 2012

Coupons To Troops — Helping those who serve!

The month is almost over and i know you have coupons in your envelope, binder or drawer that are just going to go to waste....i beg you PLEASE do not throw them out!!!! Your expired coupons still have life in them!!! For the next 6 months they can be used by US Military families stationed overseas...the US Military Commissaries on international bases will accept our US coupons up to 6 months past their expiration date, but the only way for families to get them if for them to be adapted by a family in the states, who is willing to send them to them!

Sending to a US military family is the same cost as sending across town...they are US addresses. simply collect the coupons you will not use, or that are expiring stick them in an envelope address is and mail it.

Imagine if you and your children were living overseas while your husband or wife is stationed there, you cannot work because you do not know the local language and do not have a work visa, unless you can find a job on the base, which is difficult because you have children at home to care on a single income is hard enough but it is even harder when your far away from the comforts of home.

Adopting a family is easy...just contact coupons to troops through their website above, their facebook page or by sending an email to there is a family waiting for you!! If you are partial to a part of the world or even branch of the military often you can be matched up to a family with those qualifications....if you end up with tons of baby coupons, you can ask to be matched to a family with young children to make sure to maximize your coupons...also all families make arrangements to share the coupons they cannot use that they receive, by either having coupon parties with other families on their base, or even leaving them in the commissary in a basket or even sometimes taped right to products!!!

There are so many families needing help...and you can help with just the cost of a postage stamp!!!

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